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Holographic Universe Of Your Mind (Enhanced Voice-over) – Ahmed Hulusi

Holographic Universe Of Your Mind (Enhanced Voice-over) - Ahmed HulusiFull Article

Brain-to-Brain Link Makes ‘Mind Control’ Possible

Humans could be much more efficient communicators if they could bypass language altogether and directly transmit thoughts, ideas and instructions from one brain to another. Scientists have demonstrated that ...Full Article

Reprogramming Your Genes Starts with Reprogramming Your Mind

Reboot, renew, repair, revitalize? What goals went into your decision to join the Primal Challenge this month? What are you looking to change? How do you hope to feel? ...Full Article

How the Human Mind Really Works

Centuries of study have provided increasingly detailed understanding of human brain anatomy....Full Article

How to Escape the Prison of your own Mind

Zihin Hapishanenizden Nasıl Kurtulursunuz?Full Article

We exist in God’s Mind

Full Article

Matt Ridley: When ideas have sex

Matt Ridley: When ideas have sexFull Article

Parasitic Mind Control

Now this is strange, even scary: ants controlled by parasites, all because they ate the slime of a snail!Full Article