|Monday, April 15, 2024

Ahmed Hulusi Last Tweets 

* People will pay the price for ingratitude by becoming deprived of the things for which they are ungrateful… & never finding what they seek
* Faith is the result of intellect he who lacks intellect can’t have faith. A limited intellect deifies a god, a full intellect realises Allah
* While even monkeys use their intellect, how can humans, with unparalleled capacity of intellect & reasoning, be told “don’t think, follow”!?
* Many things will remain a mystery until it is realised that the Knowledge, Will & Power of Allah are manifest in the brain at every instance
* Why ? So that you can cleanse yourself from the concept of a deity/god and know your True Self & the One referenced as
* Whether u call it Sunnatullah or karma, we’re all subject to the same system! Your are like a boomerang, they will come back to u!
* If the origin of one’s is data/wave can it have a weight, mass, shape & size? How much space will u take up when you’re bodiless?
* Where and how will your body and world in the form? If u haven’t found the answers to these now you have no chance in the
* Living a thinking you’re the is a case of complete lack of and the most severe case of blindness…
* You have no of the qualities that can become manifest in your through the power of belief. that you can, and you WILL!
* Notice how much of ur time you spend in your , oblivious of your . Recognize this difference! And think about its consequence!
* He who he is the in the worldly will be condemned to feel like the body in the & thus suffer the consequence!

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