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Ahmed Hulusi Last Tweets

* People will pay the price for ingratitude by becoming deprived of the things for which they are ungrateful… & never finding what they seek * Faith is the result ...Full Article

10 Banned Foods

source: http://www.mercola.com/infographics/10-banned-foods.htmFull Article

Is Nibiru real? New discovery, Jan. 25. 2015

NIBIRU new LOCATION beside Jupiter Jan. 25 2015!Full Article

Praying with Robots in Iran

Rezaei who has built a robot to show to children how to execute daily prayers, has innovated an amusing way of encouraging young children to say their daily prayers ...Full Article

Leg bone gives up oldest human DNA

The discovery of DNA in a 400,000-year-old human thigh bone will open up a new frontier in the study of our ancestors.Full Article